Whisper & Venom

 What is Whisper & Venom?

Whisper & Venom is Lesser Gnome Games debut gaming product. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com on July 5th, 2013.

At it core, Whisper & Venom is a table-top role-playing adventure module that can be used, with an absolute minimum number of adjustments or modifications, with most any fantasy role-playing game rule set. There are many additional components in the boxed set version that are designed for richer, more rewarding gameplay including map packs, custom 28 mm miniatures and many more. These components will be available for individual or bundled sale following product fulfillment to backers which is expected to begin, on schedule, in November 2013.

Whisper & Venom was designed by Zach Glazar. It is written by Zach Glazar and John Hammerle with illustrations and gameplay maps by Lloyd Metcalf. Whisper & Venom also includes contributions from well-known and talented tabletop gaming industry artists, cartographers and sculptors.

It is intentionally written to be evocative of the style of modules from the early 1980’s while utilizing modern production techniques and materials.

The Whisper & Venom Limited Edition Boxed-Set includes-

  • Original Adventure for lower-level characters
  • Setting Booklet describing the locale and its inhabitants
  • Original cover art painted in acrylics by Jeff Dee
  • Interior illustrations and gameplay cartography by Lloyd Metcalf
  • 2-Sided Color poster-size map hand-drawn by Alyssa Faden
  • 10 custom-sculpted 28mm miniatures facilitated by CenterStage Miniatures . . .

. . . much, much more.

It was offered in three formats during the Kickstarter campaign. The above mentioned boxed-set, a stand-alone gatefold stapled module and, of course, a PDF. As its success grew an OGL/Pathfinder compatible option was added.

Interested? Want to know more? Well then . . .

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