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Grab your box sets, minis, maps, art and more NOW before it’s gone! As an additional incentive…. You can now help a talented individual out of a bind while helping yourself to quality maps and other products.

The cartographer behind the amazing Whisper & Venom regional map is Alyssa Faden. She has run into a problem  in seeing her Kickstarter Project (Torn Armor) reach fulfillment (through no fault of her own beyond being a nice person). I know her entire team is working very hard to reclaim the funds from a vendor who appears unwilling or unable to refund them. Being somewhat  familiar with the situation, I have joined a small coalition of game creators better known than Lesser Gnome. Everyone of them has offered to lend a hand to see a wrong made right for a person and project that deserves better. The goal is to help Alyssa and her team produce the miniatures without having to wait for the slow machinations of the legal system to do their work. The end result is a great game by them and a unbelievable map via Lesser Gnome.

For the next few weeks, anyone who purchases one of our full-size maps (at the newly discounted price) from the web store  using the coupon code BIGMAP gets the behemoth map at the new lowered price . They also get a discount on everything offered in our store. Rather than rolling that money into the massive gnome war chest, all the proceeds from map sales are going to help Alyssa and company keep their promises.

Oh yeah, I will cover all the shipping personally including box sets picked up via this offer (US Only).


Get a map (like the one pictured above),  then get a back-up map, and then send all your friends friend to www.lessergnome.com/store.

I will donate a percentage of each order that uses the coupon as well. So now is a great time to get the map and help a good person make a great game.

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