Whisper & Venom Collector’s Boxed Set


Lesser Gnome’s debut product, Whisper & Venom, for the completest. This boxed-set the Adventure Source book, Regional Setting Guide, 11″ x 17″ 2-sided Map Insert, 24″ x 18″ color poster map, 42″ x 32″ Rolled Poster Map, 12 Color Monster Cards, Companion Map Booklet, Dice, 19 custom 28 mm miniatures and all optimized PDF files.

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Whisper & Venom is a complete adventure for fantasy RPG’s.  Intriguing design and immersive gameplay are showcased in elegant writing. Whisper & Venom was designed and tested for systems using early edition style rules, 4-8 players, character levels 3-5.

The box set includes the Whisper & Venom Adventure Guide, The Whisper Vale Regional Setting Guide, Companion Map Booklet, Both a 42″ x 32″ wall map* and a 18”x 24” folded map of The Whisper Vale, 11”x17” double-sided map insert, 12 color encounter cards, Chessex dice set including a pair of custom gnome dice, stylish dice bag, and a flash drive with the interactive PDF.

Also included are the following 28mm custom sculpted figurines** from the pages of Whisper & Venom:

  • Thopas
  • L’uort Goblin x5
  • Nexid Slave x2
  • Malice (clear resin)
  • Restless x2
  • Murkbeast
  • Giant Spider
  • Giant Cave Toad
  • Monster Beetle
  • Adult Attoral
  • Mistress of the Grove w/Bear Companion
  • Gauntswept Scavengers x2

A separate hardcover edition, Whisper & Venom Compendium, as well as the PDF versions, are available at http://www.lessergnome.com/store.* The 42″ x 32″ wall map is shipped separately in a heavy duty mailing tube at no additional shipping fee.

** Every figurine is a custom sculpt commissioned for Whisper & Venom. In cases where there are multiple figurines of the same type each one is still unique. A catalog of Whisper & Venom’s range of 28mm figurines assembled and professionally painted by Tom Nelson can be seem here.

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