Whisper & Venom Collector’s Box Set



Whisper & Venom is a complete adventure for fantasy RPG’s.  Intriguing design and immersive gameplay are showcased in elegant writing. Whisper & Venom was designed and tested for systems using early edition style rules, 4-8 players, character levels 3-5.

Pathfinder more your style of game? A complete conversion of Whisper & Venom for use with the Pathfinder RPG is now available. Every aspect was carefully adjusted (including the Encounter Card Statistics). You can find the Pathfinder Collector’s Box option located here.

The box set includes the Whisper & Venom Adventure Guide, The Whisper Vale Regional Setting Guide, Companion Map Booklet, Both a 42″ x 32″ wall map* and a 18”x 24” folded map of The Whisper Vale, 11”x17” double-sided map insert, 12 color encounter cards, Chessex Signature dice set, stylish dice bag, and a flash drive with the interactive PDF.

Also included are the following 28mm custom sculpted figurines** from the pages of Whisper & Venom:

  • Thopas
  • L’uort Goblin x5
  • Nexid Slave x2
  • Malice x2 (1 pewter, 1 clear resin)
  • Restless x2
  • Murkbeast
  • Giant Spider
  • Giant Cave Toad
  • Monster Beetle
  • Adult Attoral
  • Mistress of the Grove w/Bear Companion

Need a closer look at the writing style and layout? Download the standalone (and watermark free!) 18 page PDF excerpt from the old-school edition and judge for yourself here.

The Collector’s Box Set can be purchased directly here.

A separate hardcover edition, Whisper & Venom Compendium, as well as the PDF versions, are available at http://www.lessergnome.com/store.


* The 42″ x 32″ wall map is shipped separately in a heavy duty mailing tube

** Every figurine is a custom sculpt commissioned for Whisper & Venom. In cases where there are multiple figurines of the same type each one is still unique. A catalog of Whisper & Venom’s range of 28mm figurines assembled and professionally painted by Tom Nelson can be seem here.




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