Tsathogga was hungry….



Apparently he was in the mood for gnome.

It was announced today that Lesser Gnome (Me) has been acquired by Frog God Games. They did not want the inventory, miniatures or intellectual property from Lesser Gnome (with one major exception). They were not looting my vault because all the loot was spent on making Death & Taxes. I have suspicions it is because I am so handsome, but they keep denying that in public.

Tsathogga was interested in Lesser Gnome and here is how I found out…

Basically, I was minding my own business at 2:30 a.m. at GameHole Con in November. I was very tired after running our booth for 3 days which would have been bad enough but I had driven with Michael Badolato from NTRPG Con. My plan was to go to sleep right away but Mike had been in the company of Bill Webb from FFG for the last three nights and I had not really seen much of either of them. Knowing how much they were drinking I was hoping to catch up before they died of excess.

After sitting down in the lobby for about 2 mins Bill looked right at me and said, “I am going to buy you.”

“Your company actually” he clarified. I am almost never speechless, but I was struck dumb.

Eventually I laughed loudly and reminded him that it wasn’t worth anything. After marshaling my thoughts I was convinced he was kidding, especially since “my friend”, Mike Badolato, was laughing merrily at my expression.

Bill persisted and explained his reasoning. I still was not quite believing what I was hearing, its a hobby business with thousands of creators; almost all of them doing it for free. So I laughed to and went to bed, I assumed that was the last I would hear of it.

Well my writing this is proof that they were serious and I really am for sale. Well, was for sale, now I am committed to the feeding the ever hungry Frog God conglomerate but as a partner. I have only began to glean what my responsibilities will be and I wont really have those until after North Texas in June when the contract I signed goes into effect.

So no more Lesser Gnome?

Nope, still more Lesser Gnome. I am focused entirely on finishing up the Death & Taxes Kickstarter rewards. I have about 3 full layouts to do plus the shipping. However, one part of the arrangement I made with them was retaining the ability to release the products under the Lesser Gnome name, that will be produced entirely by me and the group of amazing talent I have been lucky enough to work with on the Lesser Gnome projects.

Next up will be The Second Sentinel. It will be awhile though as I settle into my new responsibilities.

This is an incredible opportunity offered to me by Frog God Games and I plan to make the most of it. May our releases dominate our markets and grant us enough weal to feed our clans. They should because they are going to kick ass.


Zach Glazar

Head Gnome


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