slider_art2I received an email from my associate gnome Edwin Nagy. It was an astute observation succinctly expressed.

I saw a group of kids playing some sort of dodge ball today.  There was one kid who was “it” and the others had to avoid getting hit by the ball.  They all ran in and out of the danger zone, making sure the game stayed alive, even though it meant that they were putting themselves at risk of getting out.  Even by our teenage years, I think we lose this instinct to keep the game exciting and fun for all and focus more on winning.  In an unwinnable game, I think it makes even more sense to aim towards the plot, towards the danger and towards the fun.  Put your PC in the thick of it for a bit, then give somebody else a turn at it.  I bet it’ll be pretty darn fun.

For an Engineer that was a profound statement. He did not even need equations. I think his observations gleened from that dodge ball game is an apt comparison to the experiences we have at the tabletop. The third, and quite subtle logic bounce, makes a serious social observation. I have seen others make similar laments before about the nature of adult interaction. I just think he wove it together nicely.

While he was thinking deep thoughts I was trying to think of a clever, innuendo laced sentence fragment. I wanted it for a photo shop picture image to share Death & Taxes art with backers while poking fun at Lloyd Metcalf (the illustrator of everything gnome).

History will judge whose gray matter was put to nobler use.




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