This is for Jim Ward


This proved to be quite a popular post on Facebook. I had only posted it to relate something to Jim, but its popularity compared to everything else I posted says something about the longevity of Mr. Ward’s creations and games in general.

From Facebook….

I live in what could easily be described as a Podunk little town. Today I was wearing my Metamorphosis Alpha t-shirt (its the height of fashion) and while at the convenience store a young woman commented, “Is that the game where you are on a lost spaceship? My grandfather and I used to play that all the time when I was a little girl. Where did you get the shirt?”

“The same place I met the gentleman who wrote the game.”

“You met him? Will you see him again?”

“I see him a few times a year.”

“Tell him Thank You if you remember, I have great memories of my grandfather and that game.”

That’s for you James M. Ward, your fans in small towns are getting more youthful than ever

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