2014 ENnie Nominee for Best Miniatures Product & Best Production Values


2014 Finalist for North Texas RPG Convention 3 Castles Award for Game Design

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David Caldwell (from the Acaeum)

“Just wanted to chime in with a quick endorsement of Lesser Gnome’s Death & Taxes project… wow!

Zach’s photos don’t do this box set justice… this is as professional and substantial a product as I’ve ever seen coming out of KS, easily on par with Esteran or Horror on the Orient Express (for quality if not quite weight, lol). The finish is impressive, the add-ons are wonderful (there’s an aged scroll sealed with imprinted wax!), tons of minis, multiple books, beautiful maps, really pleasing artwork… The attention to detail is remarkable. I really can’t say enough about this set, Lesser Gnome has hit a home run.

I hope these become available through the usual channels… highly recommended to get one if you can.”

HeroPress Blog

“Today saw the arrival of my Whisper & Venom box set from the campaign I backed on Kickstarter last year.
Beyond a shadow of a doubt this is the most impressive haul of Kickstarter booty I have yet received. Written for Labyrinth Lord (and thus easily convertible to any old school system) it’s an adventure setting complete with its own miniatures. From even the most cursory flick-through of the books it’s obvious that is not only a beautifully illustrated setting, but isn’t over-written – everything is thoughtfully designed and in a readable font size so you’re never confronted with a wall of intimidating text.”

Samuel Dillion (From Kickstarter Comments)

“Oh. My. <expletive deleted> God. … I just returned home from the in-laws and found a box at my door. So much goodness is in this thing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. To everyone overseaswaiting [for theirs to arrive] – trust me, it’s worth it. Zach, John, and the rest of the Gnomes did some outstanding work!”

Brette Easterbrook, Acaeum Collector’s Forum

“Looks like my last bit of W&V arrived in the mail today..
This I would have to say has been the best run Kickstarter I have backed! Ever! I do suppose a lot had to do that Zach has done just about everyting upfront and there was a risk that it all tanked and no one would back etc, but he certainly chose the right time to do his Kickstarter and had everything ready to go (I hope you made some moey as well!) Considering the amount of add-ons that were produced, at the end of the day it seems to go flawlessly (well seemed to me anyhow;).. I found it hard to belive that this was his first release. More than happy to buy anything else he does (as long as he tells me about it and doesn’t just sell em at cons and makes it hard to buy a copy :)”

Orcsamongus! Blog

“I’m a proud backer of Lesser Gnome’s Kickstarter for Whisper and Venom, today I received the first piece of the project. A beautiful poster map as drawn by Alyssa Faden. Truly breathtaking to look at.”

Fear of the (censored), Your Dungeon is Suck

Not really an accolade but it was a mention at yourdungeonissuck. I am not going to link as NSFW doesn’t begin to describe it. It is in response to the ENnie Nominations in 2014.


Other Media Mentions

NTRPG Con Small Publishers Panel

RPG Geek Publisher Interview

Creating Believable NPCs Virtuacon panel discussion I participated in that I enjoyed very much. I was with Si Whiting & Tim Shorts (about 1 hour long).

Bird of a Feather Recap (Virtuacon 2014) – **Spoilers**

Iron Tavern Interview (2013) A long interview with the Head Gnome by Jeff Tadlock.

A quibble and advice from a blogger (2014) – This one caught me by surprise weeks after it was posted. It was a strongly worded rant about text boxes in OSR adventures in response to the Save or Die podcast. I had a rather long response to this but I can respond in a couple of sentences.

Text blocks in our box sets are not read-a-louds. There has never been an assumption on my part that anyone would read them to players as written or an expectation that they might. I designed our layout and as the ‘boxed-text’ is an immensely useful tool. It separates information into what is visible to players and direct info for the GM. It also does this in a visually appealing manner.  I like the blog that made the observation at the link a great deal and understand the sentiments, but it never occurred to me that anyone would (and definitely not should) read the text directly to players. Valid viewpoint and it made me think.


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