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Two there are 400

Death & Taxes are coming and they are even for sale!

Adventure Cover

Death & Taxes orders now being accepted via BackerKit- be like a Kickstarter backer without all the responsibility.

How to buy yours-

1. Visit – https://death-and-taxes.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
2. Select from the various reward levels and add-ons that were available to backers.
3. Pay using a major credit card (contact me directly for PayPal).
4. Relax until Autumn.
5. Enjoy

Be in the Commercial Legion!!

If you like our products and want to keep seeing more of them, then we have a place for you in Thopas’ Commercial Legion. For GnoPay*(tm)  and lots of gratitude you can help us bring Thopas to more games and groups everywhere.  Here are a few ways to help-
  • Tweeting, sharing, and old-fashion talking about us and our products.
  • We think our products are awesome but we cannot write reviews at Amazon.com or DriveThruRPG.com. What we can do is ask you to do it for us so if you liked our product (or didn’t honestly), please take some time and give us a review.
  • Recommend us to your local retailer. We give competitive discounts and POS swag to store owners. Your local store can contact zach@lessergnome.com for free PDF samples and more.

*Pronounced (NO PAY)

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