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Lesser Gnome are a small press gaming company owned and operated by Zach Glazar. We produce adventures, miniatures and accessories for fantasy games. Our first product, Whisper & Venom was nominated for 2 ENnie Awards (Best Miniatures Product and Best Production Values). We were also a finalist for the 3 Castles RPG Design Award. Although a small press publisher, we create a quality product usually associated with companies several orders of magnitude larger than Lesser Gnome. To do so we have awesome collaborators that share of love of quality.


Head Gnome: Zach Glazar

Lesser Gnomes:

  • Edwin Nagy
  • Scott Swift
  • Lloyd Metcalf, Art Goblin
  • ‘Network’ Dave Dunaway, Information Systems and Spells


Fantasy games inspired by the classics that include high quality miniatures and accessories.


Lesser Gnome

711 C. S. Skyline Way

Cottonwood, Arizona



Lesser Gnome was founded in 2013 by Zach Glazar who, with his friend John Hammerle, were authors of the ENnie Nominated Whisper & Venom Box Set.


You probably don’t want to know. If you still have some interest then click here.

How can I contact you?

All questions related to purchases, shipping and web store sales should be emailed to sales@lessergnome.com

If you a writer, artist, cartographer or other game professional (or are seriously trying to become one) we are interested. Please feel free to contact us. We have a limited production schedule but we believe in using the best artists, sculptors and cartographers for all of our products.

Inquiries about submission and freelance work should be sent to zach@lessergnome.com

If you are a retailer, please feel free to email zach@lessergnome.com. Qualified retailers are treated with the respect they deserve. All of our products are shelf ready and professionally packaged (with shrink wrap no less). Free copies of our products can be shipped to any verified retail gaming outlet.

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  1. Ahoy there, Zach!

    Greetings from Long Island’s sunny north shore =)

    We’ve begun writing product reviews at the TSR Games blog, and we’d be delighted to write product reviews for Lesser Gnome. This puts your company front-and-center for all of our site’s visitors to see. You get the added bonus of my sharing the articles a bunch of times on social media. I’ll even inform our 1e AD&D players at the FLGS that they’ll unlock bonus XP for sharing the articles on social media too.

    If you wish to send any promotional Lesser Gnome parcels to our office for review, our snail mail address is:

    TSR Games
    3 Liberty Place
    Glen Cove, NY 11542
    Attn – Timothy Connolly

    We’ll also gladly accept any promotional swag that you’d like to send our way. I’ll personally see to it that it gets put into the hands of gamers who haven’t seen your company’s products yet. We see tons of gamers each month at the FLGS (Legendary Realms, Plainview NY, USA,) and I would gladly give Lesser Gnome promotional swag to the shop’s owners as well.

    This is literally a cross-promotional jackpot, and the sky’s the limit. Shall we dance?

    Swords and fjords,

    Timothy Connolly
    TSR Games
    Contributing Editor and Writer
    Cultured Bibliophile
    Extreme Dungeon Master

    “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” – Allen Ginsberg

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